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Friday, August 20, 2010

Another excellent week-

Where does all the time go? This week a bunch of my time has been spent on my knees at church- but not in the typical manner you might expect. Instead, I've been back up in Brigham City at St Michael's Episcopal Church, wearing kneepads and working on their lawn sprinklers. After the work I did for them last month, they decided there was more that needed doing and no one there wanted to wrestle with it. So they called me.

I replaced a cut line that was installed too close to the ground, adjusted heads, replaced 2 lines that were cut out as part of their landscaping, added a sprinkler head where they needed one and generally tried to give the entire system a tune-up. I think there are 13 different systems out there so it was plenty to keep me busy for 3 part days.

Buddy Jim and I took Fish Slayer to Willard Bay on Wednesday evening and we trolled for a little while but when the wind kicked up hard we had to get off the water with no fish in the cooler. I also discovered while getting the boat back on the trailer that I had rubbed all the insulation on the battery wires just outside the engine and there where sparks kicking around when I turned the motor certain directions. So- I'm about half finished installing new cables between the motor and the battery.

My grass seed in the backyard where I had to replant all the trenches from my sprinkler job is growing in very nicely so that makes me happy. The weeds have also tried to move into the bare spots but I can't spray them until the grass gets stronger. But the yard looks great- better than ever for this time of year, except that I desperately need to get out there and mow it. Maybe still this weekend.

Still no phone calls for headlight restoration but I did talk to one guy this afternoon that may call me tomorrow for a job. I do have a state tax exemption number and some other legalities in place. So all I need now is some business! I'm even going to get my website domain name purchased in a day or two.

I need to get a job so I can rest up!

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